Suave Keratin Infusion Review

A few days ago, my cousin and I stopped at Walgreens. She saw the Suave Keratin Infusion Smoothing Kit for $13.99 and decided to buy it.  She was delighted since she wanted smoother, healthier looking hair and this 3-step process kit promises just that. She did a YouTube search for this product and some people gave it rave reviews. She went to the Suave website, took the test given there, everything seem okay, and was ready to use it since she has not dyed her hair in years. The product clearly states in fine print its warning signs:

However, she went for it. Later that same day she calls me in a state of panic. I rushed over to her house only to see her hair falling out in clumps. Her home smelled horribly as if this kit were a perm or relaxer. You must apply it in a ventilated area and by this I mean OUTSIDE (smells like rotten eggs). It is hard to believe this product works as a Keratin treatment. She said she left it on for only 5 minutes when she noticed her hair transforming into nappy little curls. She washed it completely off with a clarifying shampoo and conditioner, but it was too late.  Her extremely beautiful hair that she already had (she did NOT need this product!) completely vanished. Her hair is fried almost in its entirety as if she lit a match to it. It melted. This product is an utter NIGHTMARE. The next day we went to the salon to cut over 8 inches off. This Suave Keratin treatment is “tears in a box” because if you use it, you might end up doing lots of crying. She had permed her hair over 10 years ago, so she did not expect such results (new hair grows in by then). Overall, I think this product “might” work better on people with virgin hair (hair that has never been chemically processed).  However, with the damage this infusion kit has done before my eyes to her once lux strands, I refuse to recommend it.

I did further research with her and many users after applying this treatment have completely lost their hair, are now bald, and some are spending hundreds of dollars on wigs. Visit the Suave website for more reviews that for the most part are negative. Suave is misleading the public, this product does not work well with color treated hair. One thing is marketing a product and another thing is false advertisement. Why would anyone want to use any Suave product again after such harsh experience? I am appalled by what I’ve seen, especially when looking at my cousin who now has about 4 inches of hair left.  If you use this product, you’ve been warned. Contact a professional if you still feel you will have better luck. As a beauty and fashion reviewer, I have never seen a product cause so much damage as this, and I have seen some special cases. Nothing surpasses this. I do NOT recommend this Suave Keratin Treatment at all. Use at your own risk.

UPDATE #1: Thus far my cousin’s hair is improving (the remaining kinky 4 inches she has left). She used coconut oil which helped a bit and later got a REAL Keratin treatment that she paid over $200 for. Her beautician says this product acted more as a relaxer. She stated that Keratin treatments are supposed to nourish the hair not damage it. She also added that there are relaxers that contain small amounts of Keratin and are being advertised as treatments, when indeed they are harsh straighteners that can lighten and burn hair. 

UPDATE #2: Unilever/Suave has DISCONTINUED this product.